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Mum's port soaked Christmas fruit mince tarts recipe


Did someone say mince tarts? Or Port? Or Christmas?

This is the best recipe for fruit mince tarts. Ever. Totally delicious and one is more than enough (unless you're a total guts). Sure, soaking the fruit and nuts in an alcoholic liquid is important, but get the buttery pastry right and the you've got the best tart in the world. There I've said it, the Best in the World!

You lucky folks, here's Mum's recipe. I can taste them now. Her trademark tart is in the shape of a square but you can make them the traditional round shape too


start the week right : lemon herbed baked ricotta recipe


Start the Week Right means simple, honest, fresh and easy recipes. Delicious food that only takes a few ingredients and a little time to make something special. Here's my recipe for this week...Lemon Herbed Baked Ricotta

To be honest, ricotta isn't a food that we normally have in the fridge but I've started experimenting lately. And yum, it's the best thing! I must be the last person on the planet to discover the joys of ricotta. This recipe calls for classic flavours of semi-dried tomatoes (a little old fashioned I know), lemon and chopped parsley. Easy. Made in 20 minutes. Done. PS, buy good quality ricotta, it makes a difference

Lemon Herbed Baked Ricotta Serves 4
500 g (1lb 2 oz) ricotta cheese
Crusty Bread to serve
half cup of light flavoured olive oil
zest and juice of a lemon
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
10 semi-dried tomatoes
4 tablespoons chopped flat-leaf parsley

Lightly grease four 125 ml ramekins (4 fl oz or half cup). Divide cheese between moulds and press down firmly. Bake in the oven at 200o C (420o F) for approximately 20 minutes of until golden brown

For dressing, chop tomatoes and combine all ingredients. Unmould cheese onto plate when cooled and top with dressing. Serve with crusty bread


start the week right : real fresh mint tea


Do you have left over herbs in the fridge or mint growing wild in the back yard? We thought a fabulous way to start the week right is to use some left over mint leaves and brew them into a fresh cuppa. It's said that mint helps aid digestion, full of antioxidants and great for a common cold. Besides that, it tastes wonderful! As an aside, fresh infused Ginger and Honey Tea is also good for colds

Herbal Infused Mint Tea
Simply grab some mint (spearmint or round mint) leaves and tie in a little bunch with cooking twine. Then pour boiling water into an heatproof cup. Infuse mint for up to 5 minutes and add sugar or honey if desired

start the week right : strawberry smoothie recipe


Let's start the week right with a delicious Strawberry Smoothie! I'm sure your mornings are extremely time poor like mine. After a mandatory early morning caffeine hit, my inner Sergeant Major takes hold as I scream orders at any passer by in a vain attempt to get everyone out the door on time. The dog hides under the sofa (as is his preferred lounging area) rather than outside, the kid has last minute print out of homework due that day and you have a mark on your new suit. Ugh! You're probably living this nightmare right now and you run out of time for breakfast. Am I right?

Recipe after the break

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steamed white fish fillets in a bag with lemon, parsely and tomatoes recipe


What's the best way to eat fish? You might say.... sitting at the beach, with deep fried fish in a golden crispy crunchy beer batter smothered in dill tartare sauce and a side of chunky salted wedges. Oh, I love that! I can smell it right now as I picture swatting at seagulls before they swoop at my oil stained cardboard take-away box full of greasy delights. On the other hand, perhaps the healthiest way to eat fish is to steam it in its own juices wrapped in a little steamer bag. No fat, just a beautiful light and delicate flavour without the extra unwanted calories and perhaps the unwanted seagulls

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