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tools of the trade : washi tape


Washi tape is all the rage and I can't wait to play with my stash (see above). This was originally bought for my daughter to use to create dresses for her dolls, but I want to play too. For inspiration, I've delved through Pinterest and thought I would share...


And then there's really wide washi tape for a serious colour burst. I like the thought of using it for decoration because if your tastes change, so can your decor:      




{go make me} stamp Valentine's Day card / diy project


Bring on Valentine's Day. We all need a chocolate fix and a glass of champagne with a sprinkling of love on the side.  To make the card, use small stamps in the shape of a heart or X and O. Use various inks with shades of red through to pink. Cut out a heart template and stamp away. I hope the pics speak for themselves. Have fun! (wow, what a slack post. More words next time, I promise)