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happy Mother's Day


To all you wonderful Mum's out there, have a fabulous day! Is it breakfast in bed or a lunch out at a favourite restaurant or a pair of fluffy pink slippers given with love? Whatever is on the menu, enjoy

I was in a daydream when perusing old photos of our travels through France a few years back and thought I would share an image of the flowers for sale at a local produce market in the Champagne district of Reims, 30 minutes out of Paris. It was the most magic day as we were caught up in the hub-bub of the colourful scene before us as we entered the old Roman town. The fruit vendors were busy selling their just-picked strawberries and the flowers were a sea of vibrance and fragrance

In the pursuit of smelly cheeses and foie gras, I picked the truck vendor most frequented by the locals. I figured, if they like it then it must be good. As I waited patiently in line trying to decipher the hand written descriptions into English, I started a conversation with the French lady in front of me. In near perfect English, she explained that she had attended university in Melbourne for a few years as she knowledgeably pointed out the region's best behind the glass facade. After she had been served and I mumbled my way through my order by just pointed and gesturing with my thumb and forefinger as to the portion sizes, the kind elderly owner bundled up my purchases but it was much more than what I had ordered. Apparently the lady had bought me some samples of other cheeses for us to try. How lovely! By the time I turned around to thank her, she had vanished. Let me say, we had the best lunch with crusty baguettes lathered with freshly churned butter, oozing with cheese and cornichons accompanied by a glass of bubbly. It's a day I will never forget

inspirational quotes of encouragement




I found these inspirational quotes when floating around Pinterest today. Sometimes you need a pick-me-up and these are just the ticket (for me today anyway). Life can be a crazy whirlwind of ups and downs and you feel pulled in all directions. Ok, breathe in and breathe out. Tomorrow will be better x Cate

out with the old, in with the new


We love Sydney. It's where I grew up and it always gives me a thrill when flying home to hover over the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and the sparkling water before descending onto the tarmac

This month is a milestone for us as we we move into our new home that we've been building for the last two years (and many more grey hairs) and say goodbye to our rental apartment perched on top of Cremorne Point. It was so cool to hear the lions roar across the bay at Taronga Zoo or hear the ferry press its hull against the pier for the 8.00am morning rush

Building a new home has been all consuming and a bit quiet around here on Go Make Me but I have so many exciting projects in the pipeline that I would love to share. Stay tuned

happy Australia Day

Australia celebrates her birthday today! It's a tradition for our family to pack a picnic with home made meat pies and coconut covered lamingtons and to head down the road to Sydney Harbour to watch the Australia Day festivities on the water. There's a Ferrython, RAAF fly-bys, Tall ships, Concerts and Fireworks. All good fun to watch as we swim in the public harbour pool directly opposite the Opera House

If you'd like the Meat Pie recipe, see after the break


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