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stylish customised prints from Ollipop

        Image of Pet Silhouette

Did you know that when moving into a new home, hanging artwork is one of the last things that people consider or not do at all? I have to admit that I am one of those people as I'm staring at blank wall right now

In my search for some interesting prints, I recently stumbled across these cool customised designs by Sydney based designer Hayley Pankhania from Ollipop. For $49 there's a lovely selection of illustrations to choose for the home, children's room and even for your pet dog or cat complete with moggy's name. Hayley can even adjust colours to suit a particular colour scheme. So now there's no excuse for naked walls


                    !Image of All you need

tools of the trade : washi tape


Washi tape is all the rage and I can't wait to play with my stash (see above). This was originally bought for my daughter to use to create dresses for her dolls, but I want to play too. For inspiration, I've delved through Pinterest and thought I would share...


And then there's really wide washi tape for a serious colour burst. I like the thought of using it for decoration because if your tastes change, so can your decor:      




stuck on you: Blik Wall Decals

Irregular Meshfaux_china1_productcookie_milk_product

If you're like me in any way, you get over art pretty quickly in the same position. I'm forever moving pieces around the house to freshen up a room. An affordable alternative to add new life to an area are removable wall decals. Get sick of them, simply peel off (some are re-useable) withhout damaging the wall. Here are a selection from Blik out of the US or you can purchase from Jujube if you live in Australia/NZ

so much time, so little to do

Oops, no....definitely....the other way round. Note to self: So you're levelling your house next month after stripping it bare, organising a three month trip around Europe whilst said house is bulldozed and dealing with architects, builders and removalists. Leave More Than Two Months Preparation!

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, only hyperventilating

Ebay has been my friend of late. It's such a thrill to see furniture and old baby items walk out the door to live another day somewhere else other than with me, further away the better. Less packing and storage is always good 

Sandwiched in between visiting whitegoods retailers yesterday, we popped into Italian Furniture designers Poliform to salivate over their Varenna kitchens. I want one, pretty please?