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{go make me} Halloween spider web wreath



Yuck, yuck, yuck! I've never been so freaked out when making this wreath for our Halloween get together. The smaller plastic spiders look sooooo very much like an Australian funnel web it isn't funny. We live in bushland and I know there's funnel web's (and snakes) around and you have to always be mindful of these venomous creatures. It's funny how your mind plays tricks... each time I went to pick up a plastic spider, I had to give it a quick poke for fear that it was real. And then I couldn't wait to permanently glue down it's black shiny body for fear that it would rear it's fangs and take a chunk of finger. I suppose that's a part of Halloween, but I'm a big, fat chicken. All my left over spiders will definitely be heading for the bin. Did I say, YUCK?

If you'd like to make a similar wreath along with the traumatisation, here's how I made this one....


Cut a 16cm (6") circle out of heavy cardboard. Glue a 6 pack (12) wooden chopsticks to the card with a hot glue gun. Spray paint the 'web' black and then weave twine to mimic a web. Glue copious amounts of yucky spiders onto the centre with a few smaller spiders roaming around the edge

eight spooky Halloween food finds....be afraid of the blood and the gore

Mwahaha! I love the gore especially the blood splattered cookies and the ghost cupcakes. Such fun
Here are the super clever people who came up with these crazy recipes (top to bottom)....
I made a Chocolate Graveyard cake with worms oozing out of the dirt back in 2010. Here's the recipe

seven sassy dogs tolerating Halloween


Can't you hear these poor pooches saying "What the.....?" It's totally written in their eyes with a mix of fear or apathy. The need-to-please attitude is ever present even when coerced into wearing a silly costume whilst the master laughs hysterically at their new wardrobe

But they look so cute

From top to bottom: Froggy Doggy, Shark Bait, Big Bad Woof Dog, Need-a-good-feed Skeleton dog, Bowwow Butterfly, Fido Bee, Dino-mutt

happy halloween


Halloween-graveyard-cake-smallIt's that time of year again...

Halloween is still in its infancy in Australia, but catching on fast. We'll be out doing the rounds tonight but I'm not too keen to dress as a ghoul if my daughter has her way

I went into the Work in Progress archives to find my Graveyard Halloween Chocolate Cake that I designed for a Halloween party last year. Recipe is included if you're interested


I hope you enjoy the new wider format (bigger pics) to my blog. It's something that I've wanted to do for a while now, but Typepad was driving me crazy with the degree of difficulty understanding cryptic instructions. I am a bit slow with computery things

What are your doing for Halloween?