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{go make me} how to style 5 minute party hair

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Let's face it, hair can be friend or foe. If your hair doesn't look good, the rest of your attire has to work hard to overcome a messy mane. But I have a simple solution! If you have clean and blow dried hair, you can work this hairstyle in less than five minutes. All you need is a hair comb, an elastic, hair pins and hairspray. That's it.

Ok, here's how to achieve the look. Throw your head between your knees and make a part from ear to ear and section off hair. Gather the excess hair at the back to form a ponytail and get it out of the action. Comb the front section to one side. Hair starts at one ear and ends behind the other. Spray comb with hairspray and comb hair into place. Simply pin behind ear. You're done! Now go off and have a great time


{go make me} cute three bun hairstyle


Here in Australia, Summer is heading our way (yay!). On those hot and balmy days when you want to put your hair up, instead of a simple ponytail, grab three hairbands, some hair pins and a comb to create a cool hairstyle. Get someone to help you or master it yourself. Messy little buns look fabulous too

To create the look: Separate hair into three ponytails close to base of neck using non-slip bands. Twirl the middle ponytail and form a bun and pin in place. Repeat with the others. You'll love it!



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{Go Make Me} how to french braid a fringe


Sometimes a fringe (or bangs) can drive you to destraction or perhaps you want to change your look? Turn your fringe into a french braided headband that even a cyclone would be unable to dislodge or lovely and loose like these latest celebrity looks. It's easy, here's how:

1} Slightly wet hair for braiding. It does what it's told a little easier (most times). Make a part from ear to ear and bring front section forward. Tie up back section

2} For the look below, I've reversed the plait. Begin with three small strands of hair starting at one ear. Make a plait and braid a small section of hair into one of the strands. Repeat until all hair has been braided

3} Tie off with an elastic band and pin underneath back of hair. Phew, done

Alternatively, loosely separate hair at back into two. Twist hair and form little knots. Secure with frou-frou flowers


A big thanks to my daughter for modelling the french braid. I'll pay you in the morning