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Valentine's Day diy and recipe round up

Heart-card   DIY-Pillowbox Cupcake-Paper-flowers   Watermelon-granita
Chambord-and-champagne-cocktail   Raspberry-coulis-heart-ice
Chocolate-heart-cups   Chocolate Mocha Ganache Tarts for Foodgawker

I'd realised that over the years I've built up a little collection of Valentine's Day diy and recipes. Here's a look back over the years at a few projects. I also have a compilation of this and more available in pdf format in my Go Make Me shop on Etsy:

From left to right: Heart stamp card, Printable 'For My Sweetheart' printable pillow box, Cupcake Paper flowers, Watermelon Granita, Cambord Champagne Cocktail, Raspberry Coulis Hearts, White Chocolate Heart cups, Raspberry Mocha Ganache Tarts

{go make me} a pretty Valentine's Day paper bouquet

I'm so excited to announce a new diy e-Magazine, Romantic Printable Gift Packaging and Sewing Ideas featuring a stylish printable 'heart' box that can be personalised, a pillow box, a personlised card, even Champagne labels, tags and more that would be perfect for Valentine's Day or wedding or those who love diy. I think you'll really enjoy the simple how-tos to make paper and fabric projects. A sneak peak of some of what's included is below:


To celebrate the release of my e-Magazine, here's a special treat for all my Go Make Me blog readers.... Below is an excerpt from the magazine demonstrating how to make a paper bouquet, an easy diy project to add style to any gift. Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone





How to make a pretty paper bouquet
Create a delightful bouquet from paper cupcake wrappers as a finishing touch to your gift. Use just one or tie bunched together with complementary ribbons and bows. Add a stylish sparkling buckle threaded with colourful ribbon on a simple box for an elegant and sophisticated look

Fold 8 cupcake wrappers in half retaining curved shape

Use decorated toothpicks (available at Supermarkets) or decorations with wire attached (ie Christmas ‘Cherries’ to decorate the tree or discarded decorations off bon-bon crackers). Hole punch a flower or shape to finish underneath flower

Thread wrappers onto wire or toothpick, ending with hole punched shape

Arrange papers to overlap layers. Glue underneath to hold in place

Fan out papers to simulate petals. Use the bloom singularly or create a posie by wrapping wires together or gather in a ribbon. Attach to gift

last minute Christmas diy gifts and treats to make

Have you finished your Christmas shopping or purchasing a gift for that hard-to-find family member or friend? Go Make Me's first on-line Christmas publication features super-easy diy gifts and treats to make in just a few hours as featured in the Fairfax online video

32 full colour pages featuring inspiring how-tos, recipes and stunning gift ideas to make yourself. Within the magazine are pages for you to print out on your home printer 

W H A T ' S • I N C L U D E D ?
• Five recipes and how to package your baked goods
• 2 papers to print out and use as wrapping paper or gift tags
• Gingerbread recipe card to attach to gift, packaging templates and stylish gift tags
• Diy gift how-tos include; a Lavender Salt Scrub, Scented Soy Candles and Editable Tea Bags Tags for the tea lover
• Also includes a professionally shot video of Cate Holst demonstrating the processes involved
• Magazine suits Letter and A4 formats with imperial and metric conversions

I'm really proud of my first digital publication, I'm sure you'll love it too

Fairfax Videos are now online




Sally Cooper and I were approached by Fairfax Media to front a three part series demonstrating diy gifts (including food) and how to package them for Christmas on behalf of Etsy Australia. It was such a thrill to be asked and a very challeging new experience for us both

We shot the video's at my house and Sally's positioned in my little studio and I'm in front of the mantlepiece. I wanted to make some Christmas stockings to hang but ran out of time so it looks quite bare. Hopefully I'll get around to it this week

Anyway, the video's are up! Click on the pictures to take you to the Fairfax site. You can also purchase the supplementary digital E-book 'DIY Gifts and Edible Treats for Christmas' showcasing all that's included (and more) including recipes, how-tos, printables for packaging and gift ideas

Here's a few behind the scenes photos


chocolate raspberry liqueuer and rum truffles {recipe featured on Fairfax video}



Chocolate is always a favourite in our house at Christmas. Transform a good quality chocolate base into a little piece of heaven by adding cream, chocolate cake and liqueurs. Why not package these gorgeous and easy to make delicacies and give to friends and family at Christmas? The recipe is included in Go Make Me's first digital e-book for Christmas. Full of beautiful packaging ideas, gift tags, recipes and how-to's and is available now in the Go Make Me shop on Etsy