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a night at the Finders Keepers market and Crafternoon Book giveaway announced

The Finders Keepers market in Sydney opened to massive crowds last night, us being two of them (we're 'Yippee'-ing and 'Yay'-ing in the poloroid). We purchased some fabulous goodies as the Sparkling wine and live entertainment set the party atmosphere. It's on again today at the Carriageworks 10am – 5pm, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh and make your way over to see the lovely Kirsteene at the Etsy booth if you get the chance

Crafternoon Book Giveaway Winner
Congratulations goes to Katejw for winning the two Hardie Grant Crafternoon Books! I'll be in contact today

kids' Crafternoon book blog party and your chance to win a copy of each book!


Crafternoon-Book-coversHi and welcome to A Work in Progress blog party to celebrate the release of the next two books in the Kids' Crafternoon series; Felting and Beading. Jam-packed full of simple and creative projects for kids (and parents) to make in an afternoon, you'll be inspired to make something yourself!

If you would like the chance to win a copy of each book, simply leave a comment by 2 December, 2011 with your email address so I can contact you. Restricted to Australian residents only, sorry. You can purchase the books through Amazon or Booktopia in Australia or in leading book shops

As part of the blog tour, my daughter and I made two Zakka Stash Boxes by Suzie Fry (above). We thought it would be cute to stash our felt balls and wool into the little felt boxes (as seen above). So very easy! Previously she made, all by her little self, a Rainy Day Pillow from the Sewing book



I was absoutely thrilled that the Editor Kathreen Ricketson from Whip-up blog asked me to contribute again to the Crafternoon series. Here's my two latest projects 'Who Loves Ewe' felt wall-hangings and 'A Seaside Treasury' wall curtain


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interview with the editor of Kids' Crafternoon books, Kathreen Ricketson

We're excited here at the Go Make Me Blog {A Work in Progress} to be part the Crafternoon blog hop party / blog book tour to celebrate the release of the new Kids' Crafternoon Books. We've managed to snag Editor Kathreen Ricketson for a few questions......


Hi Kathreen and welcome

Crafternoon-Books 1. As editor to the Crafternoon series (great name by the way), can you give us an overview of the Papercraft and Sewing books? ie What type of projects are included, age level and degree of difficulty etc?
The Papercraft book has a whole bunch of projects for the cut, fold, glue crowd who love to work with paper. There is such a broad range of projects - but because they are aimed at a specific age group they all have something in common. They use only materials that can be easily sourced and the techniques that are used are simple and basic to get a handle on, all of this means that most kids can get crafting without too much effort. A bit of a raid of the craft box and the utility drawer should get most kids on their way. The paper aeroplanes project is a perfect example - who doesn't love to make one of these - and with 3 different designs to choose from - it makes for a fun afternoon with friends. Another really simple projects is the Articulated puppets, these make use of paint colour sample cards - so addictive to collect - and now you have a reason to visit the paint isle at the hardware store. The paper mache owls I think are really genius - because really they are so simple, yet look impressive, just some glue, scissors and paper and you can make these all afternoon

The other main thing about this and the sewing book is that most of the projects are suitable for both boys and girls, with just a little tweaking of colour they can be adjusted to suit anyone. There a few projects aimed at more experienced crafters - teenagers and adults too, but of course with a little help the littlies can make these projects too. I think the Owl cards are very clever - they have a couple of layers of difficulty designed into them - so that beginner crafters can make a basic version and those with more patience and skills can take them to the next level.

The Sewing book is a little different as it focuses on a technique rather than a material. But lucky for the beginner sewers out there of all ages, that the projects don't require anything more difficult than straight sewing on the sewing machine, and perhaps a button or two! I also love how accessible these projects are for a range of ages, with many of the projects making use of recycled materials, making these things is not going to mean a trip to an expensive craft store - you are likely to have most of what you need right at home already. For example the Sassy sock softie is made from a lonesome sock and only requires hand stitching, and the Pocket cushion is made from a pair of jeans and makes use of the pocket that is already there! - so clever. I love the illustrated softy badges, these are just a simple square sewn up and stuffed, then painted and sewn to decorate - they can be as simple or as fancy as you like. And the embroidered keyring I think is really quite cool - it uses faux vinyl offcuts from the hardware with the design stitched on them. A great project to boys sewing too

2. The designs in the books are fabulous! What did you look for when choosing your designers?
I was looking for a range of ideas, designers and makers whose work spoke to me and to my kids was very important. Many of the designers were already making things for kids or with kids or inspired by kids work while others made childlike or fun things for adults but I knew their designs could easily be adjusted and simplified. When it came down to finalising the list - we did have to take into account what projects we had and what gaps needed filling so there were some designs that I would have loved to have seen in the book which just didn't make it in

3. You run a very successful craft blog Whip-up. In your opinion, what makes it so successful?
Thanks Cate. Whipup is about 6 years old now and has evolved over the years - but what remains constant is my passion for craft and I think that is what comes through and what readers keep coming back for over and over again. And over the years I have built up relationships with other crafters and bloggers - I think that is important too - to keep it fresh and interesting but to remain true to yourself. Also I think its really important to always be nice - I try to always answer emails - if only briefly at times, and I also try to give only positive feedback - because I know how much work, love and effort goes into making things and really shooting someone down in flames is just not good karma!

4. Anything that you want to share about your future plans?
My future plans include more books, more Action Packs and a big trip with my family - we plan on taking a gap year and going travelling! 

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*new* Kids' Crafternoon Book review and your chance to win a copy

Cate-Holst-in-Crafternoon-PapercraftIt's always exciting to receive a parcel by courier. Even better to receive a parcel by courier that contains two books, Crafternoon Papercraft and Sewing books by publisher Hardie Grant. AND to top it off, your design is included (Home Sweet Home card see left) 

The whole process of submitting a design to Editor Kathreen Ricketson from Whip-up Blog was seamless due a good brief and lots of creative freedom

But how do I give a unbiased review? It's easy, because the books are fabulous. Beautifully styled photography, depth of good design from a talented pool of designers/crafters from around the world and projects that are very approachable to the 7 to 12 year old market. Each of the 25 projects have been graded to varying degrees of difficulty with nothing too daunting with step-by-step illustrations and printed paper templates for ease of use

I had to fight my daughter to just have a peek at the pages as she hogged the books for hours. Quote "I want to make everything in the book". She's eager to make the Cloud Pillow which should keep her occupied for Sunday afternoon (while I do this post!). Will post pics tomorrow

You can purchase the books from most local book shops in Australia or online too from Booktopia, Can Do Books and Readings or Amazon

There's two more in the series that, luckily, I been involve with too. Due to be published in November. Keep an eye out for tomorrow's post as I'm interviewing the editor Kathreen Ricketson which should be fun

Do you want to win a copy of the Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft and Sewing Books? Well you can BUT you are required to be an Australian resident to enter (sorry). Simply leave a comment with your email so I can contact you. Entries close Sunday 21 August. Good luck

Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft


Kids' Crafternoon Sewing