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interview : Australian artist Amelia Herbertson


Amelia-HerbertsonAmelia Herbertson is an artist living her dream job in the stunning countryside of Orange in regional NSW,  Australia. She shares some insights into her world and her love for drawing, spending time in the garden, her family and her beautiful house

Her whimsical paintings, drawings and etchings are rich with detail, colour and design.  She’s heavily influenced by her beautiful surroundings and connecting with the land and nature

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cinque terre, Italy


My thoughts have gone out to the people of Cinque Terre or 'Five Worlds' in Italy's Liguria region as the sleepy fishing villages have been devastated by torrential rain. It's hard to imagine rivers of mud pouring from the mountains behind, destroying roads, bridges and lives. Such a shame

We recently visited these 'worlds' in July and the picturesque buildings of faded pinks, blues, rusts and yellows were so beautiful I was inspired to draw one of the little harbours. I also love the wee clay architectural sculptures of Cinque Terre by Artisanie Europe (see below) 


Cinque Terre, Italy architectural sculpture - Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore.

one serve of ants on my plate, please

Ants On My PlateThe Four Seasons Cup SetAnts On My CushionRuler Notebook

Fancy a cuppa from an ant-infested tea cup? Or sit on an ant's nest pillow? I would!

I love the simple and witty designs by Bailey Doesn't Bark on Etsy, a contemporary home and life accessories company based in New York. Their handmade products vary between ceramics, tableware, jewellery and paper goods with the same aesthetic throughout their range even if the design is a little disturbing