September : the month that was
behind the scenes of our Garnier shoot

bring the Spring back into damaged hair + ombre feather headband diy


Yay, Spring is here, a time of change! I love Spring as it's the season of some of my favourites 'News'...New temperatures, New baby lorikeets, New flowering get the picture. There's a great feeling of excitement and anticipation in our house as the weather warms and the beach life beckons just 10 minutes away.  My biggest Spring fears? The fear that my bathers may have shrunk during the Winter months, pasty white skin will come out of hiding and my hair is not as bouncy as it used to be 

Luckily, Helena (my daughter) and I were asked to review the Garnier Goodbye Damage Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum as part of our nomination for the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Challenge. We're two perfect candidates as Helena (my beautiful model) has split ends and I have years of chemically coloured hair, straightening irons and blow dryers to remedy. Garnier promises to restore a year of damage to good health in a week. That's a big promise, so we put it to the test


First off we loved the bright orange packaging and Helena remarked on the fragrance as it was not over-powering and, in fact, was quite pleasant. I was impressed by the creaminess of the shampoo compared to some that I’ve used before. It foamed up to a generous lather and felt I only needed one application. Helena used the conditioner as per the instructions but I decided to leave it on for about 5 minutes as the product has a lot of work to do! After shampoo and conditioner, each of us towelled dry our hair and added a small amount of the Goodbye Damage split ends serum using the handy pump pack. It contains natural fruit oils that smelt divine like a blend of oranges and apricots. It made my hair so shiny and smooth in appearance.You don't need much as a little goes a long way

After the week of use, Helena noticed a positive change as her split ends seemed to have lessened. Most of all she loved how beautifully soft and shiny her hair became. As for me, the combination of all three products changed my hair by giving it a glossy vibrance. I could definitely see the difference


You be the judge, here are some after photos...(we put some serum on our puppy Sunny in the top picture and his little moustache glowed!'s not recommended for animals!!)



Want to show off the changes to your newly repaired locks? Here's a fun diy that takes little time without much cash...a beautiful ombre feather headband



Ombre Feather Headband
You will need
Feathers (I used soft turkey feathers)
White felt
Hot glue gun
Liquid Dye

Dye feathers using manufacturers recommendations. I used Rit dye and you can find some handy tips for dying feathers here. Soak feathers for longer for a more intense colour. I soaked the darker feathers in the dye bath overnight. Trim the head off each feather and sort feathers into grades of colour

Cut a piece of felt to match the length and width of your headband and adhere using a hot glue gun. Glue feathers alternatively onto the felt base to cover, layering as you go in gradated tones to create ombre effect