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start the week right : strawberry smoothie recipe


Let's start the week right with a delicious Strawberry Smoothie! I'm sure your mornings are extremely time poor like mine. After a mandatory early morning caffeine hit, my inner Sergeant Major takes hold as I scream orders at any passer by in a vain attempt to get everyone out the door on time. The dog hides under the sofa (as is his preferred lounging area) rather than outside, the kid has last minute print out of homework due that day and you have a mark on your new suit. Ugh! You're probably living this nightmare right now and you run out of time for breakfast. Am I right?

Recipe after the break

May I suggest whipping up a deliciously healthy strawberry smoothie? It's simple, start the week right recipe. Chuck the ingredients in a blender, then whizz. Easy. Done Wash up by rinsing under running water and drink on the move. Do you skip out on breakfast?