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{go make me} glamourise your gumboots with grommets and ribbon diy


Are your gumboots dull and boring? Let's face it, gumboots have never been a fashion must-have but more a must-need accessory. This got us thinking about how to glamorise a pair to finish Helena's cute detective outfit for a recent video that we made for our part in the Kidspot Ford Kuga Challenge (she embarks on a search of Sydney's Luna Park to find her 'lost' car).

See the diy instructions and video on how to glam your gumboots after the break....


1 } You will need gumboots (ours cost $25 from Target), grommet kit (available from the hardware), scissors, masking tape, pen, ruler, hammer, block of spare wood, ribbon

2 + 3 } Adhere masking tape down both sides at the back of boots. Using a grommet as a guide, measure and mark the positioning of each grommet placement. Six grommets in total

4 } Slip a small piece of wood inside boot and hammer hole cutter implement to form hole in rubber. Repeat until all holes are created

5 }  Remove tape and hammer grommets onto boot following manufacturers instructions

6 }  Tie ribbon and form a bow

Please have a look at the video (about half-way through) as it shows how to you can easily do this to your boots too

Do you have a pair of gumboots that need some diy?