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start the week right : cocoa nut balls


Start the Week Right posts are all about quick, easy, healthy and delicious recipes (emphasis on the easy!). My favourite snack at the moment are these little balls packed full of good nuts, dates, cocoa and coconut. Make them in mere minutes for a yummy snack with a morning coffee. Click for the full recipe

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Hermes teaches how to tie a scarf


Do you wear scarves? I have some cheapy go-to scarves that I wear all the time with a simple knot at the neck. I also have three divine Dior silk scarves that were given to me years ago and unfortunately I never wear them as I don't know how to tie them properly. Hermes to the rescue...see how to tie scarves in all shapes and sizes in their video or download their Silk Knots app for smart scarf tying. I know I need help!

Of course, if you have some spare cash lying around, you can splurge on new Hermes scarf from their cute illustrated website La Maison Des Carres

start the week right : real fresh mint tea


Do you have left over herbs in the fridge or mint growing wild in the back yard? We thought a fabulous way to start the week right is to use some left over mint leaves and brew them into a fresh cuppa. It's said that mint helps aid digestion, full of antioxidants and great for a common cold. Besides that, it tastes wonderful! As an aside, fresh infused Ginger and Honey Tea is also good for colds

Herbal Infused Mint Tea
Simply grab some mint (spearmint or round mint) leaves and tie in a little bunch with cooking twine. Then pour boiling water into an heatproof cup. Infuse mint for up to 5 minutes and add sugar or honey if desired

interview : Australian artist Amelia Herbertson


Amelia-HerbertsonAmelia Herbertson is an artist living her dream job in the stunning countryside of Orange in regional NSW,  Australia. She shares some insights into her world and her love for drawing, spending time in the garden, her family and her beautiful house

Her whimsical paintings, drawings and etchings are rich with detail, colour and design.  She’s heavily influenced by her beautiful surroundings and connecting with the land and nature

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i'm loving right now: if you go down to the woods today...


Don't be afraid to go down to the woods today, it's filled with really cool inspired items. Here's what I'm loving right now....

Wooden Coasters by Les Domoy, Small Good Wolf Soft Toy by Woodland Tale, Ceramic Bowls by Clayopera, Ferns Art Print by Luna Reef, Handmade white and gray acorns by Sakamama, Tavelling Light Jacket by Sass & Bide, Halloween Rabbit Mask by Miesmesa Berni, Be Brave Printable Art by Sweet Pony Press and Broglie Faux Fur Cowl by Anthropologie