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'paint the town Ford' challenge : urban adventure


Every kid loves to make-believe and our daughter is no exception. Normally quite shy but when asked if she would feature in our last Kidspot Voices of 2014 article for Paint the Town Ford Challenge she jumped in boots and all (more about boots later). She recommended a day at Luna Park Sydney, clever girl, and dreamt of the idea to dress as a modern day Nancy Drew deducing the whereabouts of our lost Ford Kuga Titanium. Helena thinks our Kuga has a mind of her own as she practically reverse parks herself with Active Park Assist where no hands are required, she can tell you where to go with the inbuilt navigation and she plays song requests hands free using SYNC directly off the iPhone just by simply asking! Being a typical teenager, this was used constantly. It’s easy to attribute a personality to a car that does so much so easily

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Please indulge our little fantasy when viewing our video to see Helena’s adventure hunting down the ‘lost’ Kuga roaming the urban jungle while she concentrates on the amusement oasis at Luna Park in Sydney. She also wanted to include a diy that would suit the sleuthing theme. She created some pretty boots by hammering grommets down the back and threaded ribbons to make decorative bows. It’s so cute and easy to do, even a kid can do it! For full diy instructions, see how-to here


While Helena was having a ball searching high and low for our Ford Kuga at Luna Park, our car was on her own urban adventure around Sydney. See the route below.....



It's been an absolute treat having use of the car for the last six weeks. There's so much to love about her and it's soon time to give her back to Ford. A few things that we really appreciate; there's heaps of storage including a hidden bin in the car that's great for keeping valuables out of sight and areas to fit almost anything from books, drinks and sunglasses etc. On top of all the practical little nooks, my personal favourite has to be the S-P-A-C-E. You can adapt the rear space to whatever your needs. Either or both backseats can fold down to carry large and long loads. When going away for the weekend, the car can easily take three of us, our dog and luggage in comfort. We're seriously thinkging of buying one as my old car is getting long in the tooth and this fits the bill