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{go make me} jewelled feather hair clip diy


Hey friends! Are you going to a party or wedding this weekend and are contemplating a sassy addition to your hair? Well let us inspire you. This diy hair clip  accessory can be whipped-up in mere minutes with designer looks on a Target budget. We used some easy-to-get turkey feathers and a broken brooch for added bling. You can also use a button or loose faceted rhinestones instead. Shiny is good! We found an assortment of hair clips in the bathroom cupboard that we could use but any size will do. You can make a Guinea feather hair clip too, see our how-to here


How to make a jewelled feather hair clip
Hold the hair clip against some felt and cut around the edge leaving a little extra around the sides. Using a hot glue gun, adhere to the top of clip. Trim feathers and glue, layering one on top of the other until all the felt is covered. Adhere broken brooch or embellishment to base

How-to-make-a-bejewelled-White-feather-hair-clip White-feather-hair-clip