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{go make me} guinea feather hair clip diy

Feather-hair-clip-on-Go-Make-Me-blog Guinea-Feather-hair-clip-by-Go-Make-Me-blog

It's been such a busy two weeks for us roaming around the country on an assignment (some exciting announcements to come soon!). With heaps of action going on behind the scenes, I'm really pleased to post a quick diy: how to make a guinea feather hair clip. My lovely daughter, Helena, patiently modelled for me and she was reimbursed with a few scoops of ice cream (I'm sooo cheap!)

This diy will work with any feathers and is super easy to make. I used guinea feathers (bought at a craft store) as I love the white spots on the dark brown/black background. You will also need scissors, hot glue gun, hair clips and some heavy felt. Instead of felt, I also experimented with using plastic from a discarded package that worked a treat too

How to make a guinea feather hair clip
Hold the clip against the felt and cut around the edge leaving a little extra around the sides. Adhere to the clip using the hot glue gun. Trim the feathers and glue one on top of the other until the felt is totally covered. I told you it was easy! Do you have any feathers that you could use too?


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