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{go make me} jewelled feather hair clip diy


Hey friends! Are you going to a party or wedding this weekend and are contemplating a sassy addition to your hair? Well let us inspire you. This diy hair clip  accessory can be whipped-up in mere minutes with designer looks on a Target budget. We used some easy-to-get turkey feathers and a broken brooch for added bling. You can also use a button or loose faceted rhinestones instead. Shiny is good! We found an assortment of hair clips in the bathroom cupboard that we could use but any size will do. You can make a Guinea feather hair clip too, see our how-to here


How to make a jewelled feather hair clip
Hold the hair clip against some felt and cut around the edge leaving a little extra around the sides. Using a hot glue gun, adhere to the top of clip. Trim feathers and glue, layering one on top of the other until all the felt is covered. Adhere broken brooch or embellishment to base

How-to-make-a-bejewelled-White-feather-hair-clip White-feather-hair-clip

7 diy beauty products for head to toe : good enough to eat


Do you suffer irritation form store bought beauty products? I do and I'm always on the hunt for fabulous diy beauty recipes to discover more gentle alternatives for my skin. Here's a delicious collection from some clever bloggers to inspire you to don your scientist gown and get busy creating in the kitchen. These diy's use everyday ingredients (and a few special ones) that look good enough to eat. Of course it's not recommended but one can salivate

Above: Coconut-Lime Soap by Offbeat + Inspired, Below: Coconut Coffee Scrub Cubes by Henry Happened

Coconut-coffee-scrub-cubes Apple-cider-contiditioning-spray

Above: Homemade Shampoo by Blah Blah Magazine and Below: Cooling Peppermint and Thyme Foot Scrub by Tuts+

Cooling-Peppermint-and-Thyme-Food-Scrub Exfoliating-bars

Above: Exfoliating homemade soap by Henry Happened (there's a few recipes here!) and below: Relaxing Bubbly Bath Soak by Savy Naturalista


Above: Homemade skin cream by Gourmande in the kitchen (very keen to try this!)

Have you ever made any diy beauty products? Did it work for you? What would you recommend? 

We've also made some beauty products here

'paint the town Ford' challenge : rural escape

Kuga-with-GraphicRear car montage

Life is a journey not a destination. Profound, hey? At the moment life is fast, it's super-charged, break-neck, on steroids fast. You notice your daughter and has grown 3 inches in the last 5 minutes and your 'puppy' now suffers from old age arthritis. What happened? Where did the time go? Feeling the strain of city life with deadlines to meet, homework to do or dog poop to pick-up, we headed to the country for some desperately needed R & R

Our rescue remedy came in the shape of an all wheel drive Ford Kuga Titanium, all shiny, new and on loan for the next six weeks. Six weeks to travel anywhere our little heart's desire as part of Kidspot Voices of 2014. Aren't we the lucky ones? Make sure you catch the next two instalments coming soon! Please grab a coffee and be our backseat driver as we journey to the countryside to a friend's horse stud 2 hours north of Sydney near Mount Vincent

Before I go on, I want to tell you a bit about the car. Sure, I'm here to inform you of the Ford Kuga's most redeeming qualities, but I wouldn't be doing so if I didn't think this was an awesome car. It's the perfect size for our small family in the city as it parallel parks by itself using Active Park Assist (yes, that's right, no hands required!), it's not too big for city sized parking stalls and it's robust enough for country life. Shhh, don't tell Ford but we took her off road on the farm to pick Australian native bush lemons growing on the hillside paddock past the creek. It tested her all-wheel drive capabilities and she didn't break a sweat

Have a peek at the video of our rural escape and the cheeky Haflinger horses on the stud ....

On our rural escape, the Haflinger horses followed our every move around the farm, I'm not exaggerating. They're more puppy than horse, up for a scratch + cuddle + nibble and were fascinated by our lemon picking to make lemon tarts for morning tea. At the end of the video you see the affectionate horse (pictured below with the crazy eyes) nibbling my stomach as he corners me up against a rock while I'm videoing his good side

Rusty-barn One-cheeky-Haflinger-Horse

The only matter of the day was avoiding horse-pies when picking the Australian bush lemons flourishing on the property (you can tell I'm a city girl) . One missed step and it was all over....your boots. Next time we bring gumboots. Having said that, it was well worth the effort to pick the lemons. Their skin is really unusual. Very bumpy texture and soft to touch almost like over whipped butter. But let me tell you about the juice... bursting with a tart/sweet flavour and a poorly aimed squeeze will squirt you from eye to navel. There were hundreds of lemons everywhere like little beacons of gold 


Here's another really, really cool feature of the Kuga Titanium that we are using daily...if you have your hands full, opening the tailgate is a breeze. Simply kick your foot under the bumper and, voila, up comes the tailgate with no hands required! We love it so much we might not give the car back


Here's the recipe for the lemon tart. You don't need native lemons and can substitute regular ones. I'm not sure you'll want to go meandering through the bush to find these but if you do.....

It was a wonderful couple of days getting back to what's important in life and that's friends and family….time to slow down and smell the hay

Lemon-tart-with-Australian-native-lemons Lemon-Tart-recipe

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summer chilled tomato gazpacho soup recipe


In some strange way I'm willing Summer to return to Australia by posting a chilled tomato soup recipe in the middle of winter. We shot these images just a few weeks ago when the weather was still balmy. Right now I'm channelling my inner Senorita and walking the streets of Southern Spain with my nostrils filled with the aroma of Paella, Sangria and delicious morsels frying in olive oil, basking in the warmth of the Spanish sunshine. I can live in hope as I sit here encassed in thick woollens and jeans huddled next to the heater

If you enjoy eating fresh, then you're going to love this recipe any time of year. Made predominantly from tomatoes, it's like eating a big, exquisite vitamin pill chock full of good stuff

Summer is only a few months away and I'm not going to stop eating this yummy meal even in the colder months

Gazpacho-soup Gazpacho-recipe