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Do you have any broken or unloved brooches hidden in a drawer that never see the light of day? I don't know about you but I go through stages of loving them (I had eight on my wedding dress!) and then not loving them so much

Also, if you happen to lose a crystal it can prove difficult in filling the hole with something similar or forever hold your finger over the cavity so no-one realises you had an escapee

Perhaps I have the solution...repurpose your unused brooches into magnets for the fridge (or in my case, a white magnetic board) so you can admire them every day and a missing crystal doesn't mean the end but just the opposite. With a few minutes work your new magnet can hold up your child's homework, piece of art or a favourite recipe. Find out how after the break....



Repurposed Old Brooches, Buttons or Pendants into Fridge Magnets

You will need
Old brooches, pendants or buttons (preferably with flat backs or slightly concave to take the magnet)
12mm (1/2" x 1/8") round Rare Earth or Neodymium magnets to hold up to 1kg in weight* 
Metal file
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun
Protective eye wear

Wearing protective eye wear, cut off brooch pins from the back using wire cutters. File any sharp metal bumps until smooth. Using a hot glue gun, adhere magnets to the back or brooch, button or pendant. Let glue set for a few hours before using

* These magnets are very small and very strong. They can be purchased from the hardware or Amazon