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French inspired knitted coasters diy and video


Do you love to knit? To me, something that has been knitted by hand has soul. The crafter has spent hours (and hours and hours....) creating and with each deft move of the kneedles, a little piece of love is knitted in as well. Having said that, I enjoy knitting but only in small doses. I like to feel that I'm getting somewhere and fast. I call it a short attention span. Is that you too?

Here's the perfect pattern for those who want to knit a project over the weekend and walk away saying to themselves "I did that"! Simple and stylish knitted coasters in cotton inspired by vintage French linens with their faded red or blue stripes and beige backgrounds

We've also made a video on how to knit the simple Chinese Wave stitch. Make sure you check it out and we would appreciate your feedback! We're venturing into producing more videos because it's another fun creative outlet for us


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