happy Mother's Day
{go make me} lemon or mint coconut lip balm and printable labels

{go make me} sage and garlic roast chicken recipe


We have a tendancy to purchase a charcoal roasted chicken for dinner when life is too crazy to prepare a meal and you simply run out of time. I'm sure you're the same (unless you're vegetarian!). So cooking a whole chicken isn't something that I usually do. Tonight I wanted to give it a try with a bit of added punch... adding sage and garlic and BUTTER

I'm into sage at the moment as it's the only herb that grows in abundance in my somewhat unloved herb patch. I have a few varieties in various shades of gorgeous deep olive greens to blue greens. When picked, you can gently rub the leaf to release the oils and fill your nostrils with a sublime aroma

With this recipe I've butterflied the chicken which sounds difficult but it's not, I promise. It simply means cutting out the backbone. This way the chicken lays flat when baking, cooks more evenly and faster. Here's a good video on how to do it

If you would like to print out the recipe, see the link to download the pdf for future use!





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