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{go make me} origami butterflies diy project

Origami-butterflies-on-hands Origami-butterflies-on-Go-Make-Me-blog

Are you up for some butterfly wrangling? There's no hiking to the nearest mountain or running through a flowering meadow or even the need for a net to capture these beauties, I promise. Simply make them out of pretty paper (or use white paper and spray with paint) and display on the wall or add to a gift as decoration. In no time you will whip up so many without much effort at all

It's interesting when I googled what a group of butterflies was called. It ranged from a Flutter, Swarm, Kaleidoscope, Rabble or Flight! Interesting. Anyway it's Spring in the Northern Hemisphere but we're heading towards winter down under and thought you would enjoy a few more butterflies in your world. I originally saw this video on YouTube and have made a few minor changes to the shape and thought I'd show you my version too! I started my butterfly with a 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10cm) square piece of paper. Have a go, I would love to see how your butterflies turn out!

PS Please forgive my little video, it's the first I've ever done. I know there's room for improvement but hopefully you get a good idea of what to do. You have to begin somewhere, hey? x Cate



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