{go make me} origami butterflies diy project
i'm loving right now: gray vs cameo pink

{go make me} caramelised leek and cheese souffle recipe



"Eek, souffle! It's too hard" I hear you scream. Perhaps it's not the preparation and/or cooking that's difficult but the you-have-to-serve-and-eat-quickly-before-your-souffle-deflates conundrum that's the tricky bit? Perhaps. But the soft and fluffy mouth-gasim is worth the effort and if it goes down slightly, who cares?

We've been on a protein only diet for the last few weeks and the boiled eggs are getting a bit old (metaphorically speaking). As a treat we've developed this sensational souffle that's perfect for a brunch to wow your hungry visitors. Serve with crispy bread and a small salad. Awe-some


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