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honey soy and ginger chicken wings recipe


Need to feed an unruly family that never seem to fill-up? Do you have picky and fussy eaters that turn their noses up at almost everything? Need a winner recipe for party finger food? Perhaps I have a solution! These Honey Soy and Ginger Chicken wings topped with chopped coriander are the best. I mean reeeeally good. They are always welcome for dinner at our home and there's never left overs. Give it a try and they truly are very yummy


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i'm loving right now: leather vs lather


Can you smell the leather? This post is for the blokes... Leather, lather, timber and the outdoors sums it up pretty much-o

Top to bottom: Leather Buckled Camera Strap by Magpie Accessories UK, FIXA Wood Bike Rack by We Are Chrome, Personalised Wood Stool by Cattails Woodwork, Manly Man Soap Set by Rocky Top Soap Shop, Leather iPhone 5 Case by Joo Joobs, Vintage Joe Gordon Leather Baseball Mitt by Copper and Tin, Beard and Body Soap Original by Honest Amish, Vintage Leather Boots by Amor Of Modern Men and Canoeing Print by Small Adventure

hummingbird cake with dried pineapple flowers


The days are still warm and typical Autumn weather hasn't knocked on our door yet here in Sydney. Now is the time to make the most of outdoor gatherings by the pool or a picnic by the harbour and bearing pastie-white shoulders to the sun before the cold sets in

We had a few guests over for afternoon tea and we made a delicious classic Hummingbird Cake topped with pretty oven dried pineapple flowers. The flowers were made by slicing wafer thin slices of pineapple, draping them over a small bowl and baking them in a low temperature oven. Looks good enough to eat, eh?

This cake stays super moist and the Philly cheese frosting is sooo more-ish


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{go make me} sunny yellow dip dyed place mats with cutlery pocket diy


I remember having a love-hate relationship with the colour yellow. My once two year old decided to create artwork in the hallway with a brilliant yellow crayon. It was oil based and near impossible to scrub off. It still reared its head when painted over albeit a little less obvious and was something that we eventually grew to love

Yellow is such a happy colour (when not in the hands of an infant). I know that's stating the obvious but perhaps we need more bright and cheery colours in our lives? If you're not into the colour en masse perhaps just simple pops of happiness will do the trick in artwork or a rug or place-mats for the table! 

In this tutorial I show you have to make these fun place-mats with their own pocket to house cutlery and simply dip dye for a burst of colour

PS Don't these lemon iced Madeleine's look delicious? I'll include the recipe in a blog post soon



Here's how:

Step one Cut two pieces of heavy cotton or linen fabric 48cm x 35cm (18" x 13") and cut one 17cm x 14cm (6" x 5") for the pocket

Step two  On the pocket piece, on the wrong side roll over top edge and stitch for a clean seam. Finish the left edge with a zig zag stitch and press seam

Step three Pin pocket to front of place-mat in the bottom right corner and stitch left edge of pocket ot place-mat keeping all other sides free

Step four Pin and sew right sides of place-mat together and sew around edge leaving a 8cm (4") gap on one side

Step five Trim seam and cut corners on a diagonal. Turn inside out

Step six Press seams and over-stitch. Dip dye in your colour of choice (ps...go for yellow)


Here's some inspirational yellow accent interiors to get the juices flowing. Bam! Love it!


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i'm loving right now: pastel vs pastel


Who says pastels are demure and coy? Not me! Loving right now from top to bottom:

Make a Wish Card by Quill and Fox, Fluttering Lace Top by Anthropologie, Scandinavian Art by Ammiki, Wall Clock by Artis Everything, Mint Green Clutch by Ao3 Designs, Mint Coral clay necklace by Cloud Pearls, Vintage 60s ruffle blouse by YeYe, Tassel Trace Pillow by Anthropologie and Up-cycled soft ballet flats by The White Ribbon