getting ready for Easter
{go make me} fluffy souffle omelet

{go make me} blue dyed easter eggs using red cabbage


Dyeing Easter eggs naturally isn't something that I've really tried before but wanted to give a go. As per my previous post, I've been experimenting with some beautiful results. My favourite recipe was to dye white shelled duck eggs blue using red cabbage. Interestingly, each egg resulted in a different colour and intensity; from light baby blue to dark emu egg blue/green to denim blue

The recipe couldn't be easier....For 30 minutes, boil 2 litres of water with half a chopped red cabbage and two tablespoons of vinegar. Strain and soak preserved eggs in the warm dye-bath. (I wiped the ducks eggs with vinegar to ensure the shell was clean and maximised absorption). For paler eggs leave for a short time and darker eggs leave overnight 

The hardest obstacle for me was the smell of boiled cabbage (gag!). It could be worse, imagine using brussel sprouts!