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{go make me} hot chocolate heart stirrers for Valentine's Day


Let's face it, Valentine's Day should include chocolate and lots of it. Forget the calories and make these fun hot chocolate heart stirrers to plonk in hot milk. The chocolate melts away from the spoon to make a delicious rich drink. Or pack the stirrers into pairs as a cute gift. If you don't have any chocolate moulds, it's OK to use an ice cube tray. I used a heart tray purchased from Ikea and you will need a digital thermometer to temper the chocolate. Believe me, it's worth the effort

Hot Chocolate Heart Stirrers

500 g (18 oz) dark chocolate buttons (couverture chocolate is best)
mould or ice cube tray
wooden spoons or tea spoons

Place approximately 60% of the chocolate in a stainless steel bowl. In a small saucepan fill with water to about one quarter full and heat until just boiling. Cover saucepan with bowl, melt chocolate slowly and stir with spatula. When the temperature reaches 45oC (113oF) take off heat, stir and add more chocolate buttons until temperature reduces to 35oC (95oF). Stop adding chocolate but keep stirring until temperature reduces to 30oC (86oF)

Fill a piping bag with the tempered chocolate and pipe or spoon mixture into mould. Place in refrigerator and set for a few minutes. When choclate has nearly set insert spoon and return to fridge