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{go make me} Halloween spider web wreath



Yuck, yuck, yuck! I've never been so freaked out when making this wreath for our Halloween get together. The smaller plastic spiders look sooooo very much like an Australian funnel web it isn't funny. We live in bushland and I know there's funnel web's (and snakes) around and you have to always be mindful of these venomous creatures. It's funny how your mind plays tricks... each time I went to pick up a plastic spider, I had to give it a quick poke for fear that it was real. And then I couldn't wait to permanently glue down it's black shiny body for fear that it would rear it's fangs and take a chunk of finger. I suppose that's a part of Halloween, but I'm a big, fat chicken. All my left over spiders will definitely be heading for the bin. Did I say, YUCK?

If you'd like to make a similar wreath along with the traumatisation, here's how I made this one....


Cut a 16cm (6") circle out of heavy cardboard. Glue a 6 pack (12) wooden chopsticks to the card with a hot glue gun. Spray paint the 'web' black and then weave twine to mimic a web. Glue copious amounts of yucky spiders onto the centre with a few smaller spiders roaming around the edge