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Is your jewelry collection strung throughout the house in an impossible mess like mine? I've been itching to make a jewelry stand for sometime as I have a big-ish collection of vintage china bought from thrift stores and jewelry in desperate need of organisation. In a few hours, you can create your own unique stand that looks very impressive or use as a cake stand too


The trickiest bit is getting the colours, sizes and proportions right. I wanted a modern influence and spray painted two of my plates gold or with gold stripes and then drilled holes using a power drill (I loooove my tin of gold spray paint at the moment. See other gold projects here and here)


How to make a jewelry or cake stand
You will need
An assortment of plates, cups and saucers. I found vintage pieces thinner than modern china, making it easier to drill
3 Tiered Cake Stand Hardware (I bought a few and made mine 4 tiered) 
6mm tungsten tip diamond drill bit
Hand Drill
If colouring plates (Not suitable for food) I also spray the hardware gold to match!
Rough sanding paper
Spray base coat
Gold spray paint for use on ceramics
Tape for masking off areas
Ruler and Pencil 

Step 1 Play around with various sized plates and colours. Luckily I found a plate for $2 in the thrift shop with holes running around the edge that's perfect for hanging earrings. If colouring plates, firstly roughly sand clean surface and then apply a base coat. Let dry and spray a light coat of colour. Let fully dry, then repeat (or follow manufacturers instructions)

Step 2 On the back of each piece, apply a strip of masking tape. This will stop the drill bit from slipping. Mark the centre of each piece with a pencil. Drill, slowly at first until a small hole is established and then continue until fully drilled through base

Step 3 Thread hardware through crockery

Step 4 Show off your lovely pieces

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