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{go make me} sassy knitted beanies for fresh eggs / diy project

{go make me} strawberry ice cream with coconut crumble & berry coulis / recipe


Luscious, freshly churned strawberry ice cream doused in coconut crumble, drizzled with a tart berry coulis and dressed with slithered almonds. Can someone sign me up for The Biggest Loser right now?

I think I've developed a thing for ice cream recently. To me there's such a fascination transforming a creamy liquid custard into a smooth icy treat as the ice cream maker churns its magic. I have made Strawberry Ice Cream before and the recipe is here

If you're looking for a really easy dessert to make this weekend, this might be the answer. You can easily substitute store bought ice cream but if you would like to make it instead, the recipe is at the end of this post


Summer may be officially over in Australia but the temperature hit 31oC (87oF) today and, silly me, I decide to photograph ice cream. A beautifully formed scoop turned into mush in less than 5 minutes and devoured in 2!