brie, prosciutto and honey drizzled figs / recipe
cool window displays from New York

{go make me} turn glass jars into gold / diy project


Give me a can of spray paint and some glass jars and I'm dangerous. Channel King Midas and turn everyday items into gold. I found these sweet honey/jam jars in-store at Victoria's Basement in Sydney and had a vision to replicate golden honey oozing down the sides. In the process, I discovered using art masking fluid a great agent for masking off areas from the paint

How to 
1. Thoroughly clean surfaces 
2. Using a paint brush and art masking liquid, mask off areas from spray paint. Obviously using a flat surface is preferrable than a raised surface as demonstrated here
3. Spray metallic gold paint suitable for metal or wood. I used White King Super Gold Paint 
4. Let dry thoroughly and then carefully peel off congealed masking fluid



I also sprayed another jar completely in gold and accidentally left it in the rain. The droplets left little marks over the surface much to my surprise....Voila, instant patina effect!


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