{go make me} sassy knitted beanies for fresh eggs / diy project
is it too late for more pretty pastel easter egg projects? Never...

{go make me} how to make gold bullion easter eggs / diy project


Have you heard about the goose that laid the golden eggs? Now you make your own gold bullion eggs without the need for poultry (and thousands of dollars!). Here's how:

Boil or blow-out egg internals. Use a 3 dimensional paint (I used 'Pebeo Touch Deco') to spell Fine Gold and Gold 999.9 and let dry. Create holes at either end and insert a long wooden skewer through egg. Use an upturned empty egg container and insert egg/skewer into the base. Create a 'spray booth' by using a large box. Spray a light coat of gold metallic paint and don't forget to use a face mask.  Let dry and repeat

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