{go make me} puff pastry cornucopia / recipe
happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day diy and recipe round up

Heart-card   DIY-Pillowbox Cupcake-Paper-flowers   Watermelon-granita
Chambord-and-champagne-cocktail   Raspberry-coulis-heart-ice
Chocolate-heart-cups   Chocolate Mocha Ganache Tarts for Foodgawker

I'd realised that over the years I've built up a little collection of Valentine's Day diy and recipes. Here's a look back over the years at a few projects. I also have a compilation of this and more available in pdf format in my Go Make Me shop on Etsy:

From left to right: Heart stamp card, Printable 'For My Sweetheart' printable pillow box, Cupcake Paper flowers, Watermelon Granita, Cambord Champagne Cocktail, Raspberry Coulis Hearts, White Chocolate Heart cups, Raspberry Mocha Ganache Tarts