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{go make me} tea cup planter pots / diy project

These old tea cups aren't what they used to be. Once belonging to a proud family of six, some have succumbed to the ravages of time with chips, broken handles and staining. Now only three orphans remain. I wanted to throw them away and then thought they could make fun planter pots. Knowing full well that plants and I don't get along very well (usually resulting in death for one of us), I figured these $2 plantings would only need to last a few weeks to bring loads of colour to a window sill or balcony, theoretically lasting longer than a bunch of flowers from a florist. Give it a go using antique cups and saucers or cheapy mugs bought at the supermarket

Using a diamond tip drill bit head (I used a 4mm size and drilled several holes, 6mm would be better and only one hole would be necessary), drill into the base of the cup. Stick masking tape down first to avoid slippage. Internally, cover the hole with little stones or bark and plant pretty flowers, herbs, moss or grass