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{go make me} fun eye mask / diy project

If you're like me, old airline eye masks breed behind the bead head collecting lint and dust resembling more Cousin It than something that should ever touch your face. And who said eye masks need to be black and boring? Throw them away and get some new ones! Have fun with drawing on glamorous eyes that hopefully won't freak out your partner in the middle of the night from the vacant stare coming from the other side of the bed. Not that I'm speaking from experience, of course


The satiny white and pink eye masks photographed were purchased from a cheapy shop for only $2. They are perfectly fine to use but if I was to do this again, I would probably sew the eye masks from scratch using a soft, luxe cotton fabric and cotton padding with silk against the eyes

Thanks also to my lovely daughter for modeling the masks and putting up with such a crazy mother

How to make a fun eye mask

How-to-make-a-glamorous-eye-maskAll you need are some eye masks, fabric markers, fabric pastels, sequins (or similar) and needle & thread (or fabric glue). Here's the template to use as reference for the eyes. Download Mask.pdf

Wash the eye mask first. Then simply draw on the eyes with a black marker and use the pastels to add definition. Iron to seal colours. Then sew or glue sequins