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happy Australia Day

Australia celebrates her birthday today! It's a tradition for our family to pack a picnic with home made meat pies and coconut covered lamingtons and to head down the road to Sydney Harbour to watch the Australia Day festivities on the water. There's a Ferrython, RAAF fly-bys, Tall ships, Concerts and Fireworks. All good fun to watch as we swim in the public harbour pool directly opposite the Opera House

If you'd like the Meat Pie recipe, see after the break


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ginger, apple and lemon cake

Cake is my weakness. If you don't fancy baked goods, perhaps this recipe will turn you into a raging cake consumer (it turned my sister in law)? Or heat and add vanilla bean ice cream for a decadent dessert

After making over 300 puddings during the Christmas period we had a couple of kilos of prunes left over so we developed this recipe. If you don't fancy baking it yourself, you can always purchase it at Gallery Gourmet

Recipe to follow after the break....

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{go make me} sweet cotton panties / diy project

If you're like me, there's a mountain of cotton fabric scraps littering the spare bedroom that are a bit too small to sew anything significant. Here's a underwear! If you put your mind to it, you'll have a drawer full by the end of the day. (Good thought for Valentine's Day coming up soon)

I've drafted a pattern for you to use (please, for personal use only!) in a Medium. My model is a size 10 Australian (US 8) and simply enlarge or reduce the pattern to suit your size

No excuses. Go ahead and print out the pattern, cut out the fabric, sew it all together and then sit on it!

Download Front.pdf Download Back.pdf

Here's how

You will need approximately 40cm (16") fabric, soft underwear elastic, pins, scissors, sewing machine, lace and ribbon

1. Print out the supplied pdf and sticky tape together using cross hares as reference to line up

2. Place pattern on fold and cut out fabric. Use Lining pattern for crotch

3. Place front and back right sides together at crotch. Then pin crotch lining to front. Sew and trim*. Iron seam and turn crotch to back

4. Sew side seams together

5. Finish outer edges with over locker or zig zag and sew on lace

6. Cut elastic to suit your measurements. The medium uses 74cm (29") for the waist and 56cm (22") for the leg

7. Sew elastic ends together, overlapping 15mm (1/2"). Place a pin at quarter intervals and then pin onto fabric for even distribution. Sew zig zag 15mm (1/2") from edge, stretching elastic as you go

8. Hand sew little ribbons at the top of leg

* 10mm (1/2") seams have been allowed. Finish all seams

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high tea at The Langham Hotel, Sydney



A promise is a promise, and I promised my daughter a belated Christmas present in the form of a high tea. She chose the venue; high tea at The Langham Hotel in The Rocks, Sydney. Delicious sweet morsels of Creme Brulee, Cheesecake, Fruit Tart Chocolate Mousse, Macarons, The Langham cup Cakes and Smoked Salmon, Cucumber and Egg sandwiches. All too much and we were unable to gobble through it all, not for want of trying