valentine's at our favourite restaurant
{go make me} pillow pet / diy project

{go make me} scented soy candles / diy project


Can you believe that soy candles are super easy and inexpensive to make? I like to make my own as I'm choosy about fragrance strength and quality. This way I have full control and more money in my pocket

How to make Soy Candles
Purchase from your local craft shop or candle supplier soy wax flakes, a tempered wick with base and essential oils for fragrance. Special colour for candles can be added too but add a little at a time and be aware that it will change colour slightly when set, but that's half the fun

Simply melt wax in a double boiler over stove. Add desired essential oil. Pour wax into a heat-resistant cup, ramekin or other china that can withstand heat. Leave to congeal for about 10 minutes and insert wick with base. Leave to fully set. Trim wick > Light > Sniff > Enjoy....That's it!

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