{go make me} a pretty Valentine's Day paper bouquet
valentine's at our favourite restaurant

{go make me} rolled fabric flowers / diy project



1} Grab some fabric, felt and fabric glue (and a brooch pin if required)
2} Cut a felt circle and a length of fabric. My flower circle is 85mm wide and the length of fabric was 1m long, 60mm wide and tapered to 20mm wide at the other end. Experiment, I liked my flower to have bulk and bloom out but you can use the same width strip for the whole flower
3} Tie a knot in the thinner end and glue in position
4 – 5} Roll fabric strip, making tighter and looser rolls as you create your flower. Use fabric glue to adhere to felt as you go
6} Tuck end under previous roll
7} Trim back felt if required. Sew clip or brooch pin to back