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January 2012

bunnies in the woodlands


My brother risked life and foot yesterday making this 'cake stand' for me for an upcoming Easter shoot (stay tunned!). Sawn from lumps of timber waiting patiently by his front door, ready for the fire on frosty winter evenings. With a flick of an ear-splitting chain saw and muscle to hold down run-away logs, voila, instant cake stand. Thanks bro

This one is extremely rough and ready, but if you would like the perfect rustic stand, head over to Sunday Hatch on Etsy where no body parts were injured in the creation process. I promise.


watermelon granita, the sweet taste of summer




Australian Summer = balmy evenings, seafood and beautiful fruit. Particularly watermelon. Can you smell it? For a refreshing dessert, add melon juice to sugar syrup, throw it in the freezer and occassionally scrape with a fork. Even better, add to a glass of sparkling wine. Too easy! Recipe is after the break

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mango and passionfruit tart recipe




Gourmet-Traveller-magazineOne of my favourite magazines, Australian Gourmet Traveller, featured a stunning array of inspirational recipes for Christmas in their December issue. Succulent summer fruits were used and recipes that could be created (if you were lucky enough to have bought the mag) at anytime when fruits are plentiful like; Blueberry Upside-down Pavlovas, Watermelon & Boysenberry Granita with Melon & Sparkling Shiraz and Prosecco & Peach Jelly with Mascarpone & Pandoro, I wanted to try everything

With my 'I-wanna-challenge-like-a-hole-in-the-head' sleeves rolled up, I flubbed my way through the Golden Mango and Passionfruit Caramalised Tart recipe and Mum had a go at the Boozey Winey Trifle (see scanned pages from mag on the left). Both were an absolute winner and thought I'd share my version of the tart

Recipe is after the break...


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happy new year 2012


Sydney-Opera-HouseWoohoo!! Sydney Harbour, fireworks, champers and way too much food is a great way to ring in the new year. Onboard 'Heavy Metal', a friend's vintage 54 foot yatch for the evening was a new experience and one we won't forget

With bleary eyes and a little hung-over, the next day was time to head up the coast past landmark Sydney buildings, out the heads and into the Hawkesbury. I wasn't sea-sick now, was I? A pod of cheeky dolphins tagged along for the ride

I hope you had a great New Year's too and pretend that your resolutions will come to fruition, like me