{go make me} lavender sachets diy
chico hayasaki {illustrator}

{go make me} valentine's day white chocolate heart cups with strawberry ice cream


Romance is in the air! I'm in the midst of creating a Valentine's Day e-book full of packaging and card designs to print out and romantic recipes (e-book coming soon) and I've hatched up a sweet treat that's a cinch to pre-prepare so you're not stuck in the kitchen on the day (and you can get on with your just desserts...so to speak). Firstly, it had to be pink. I'm thinking Strawberry ice cream and pink fairy floss and secondly, it should be easy and thirdly, it should look and taste d e l e c t a b l e !


To make your Chocolate cup, melt 100g white chocolate in a small double boiler on a low heat and brush a thin chocolate coat to the inside of two heart silicone moulds. If you don't have hearts, use round silicone moulds instead. Place in fridge to set for at least 1/2 hour. Brush a second coat of chocolate on the inside of mould again to build up walls of cup. Repeat if necessary. Leave refrigerated until required. Carefully peel back mould from chocolate. Add a scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream (I used Maggie Beer Strawberries and Cream) and top with Subtle Rose Fairy Floss (Pariya brand is available in select delicatessen's if you live in Australia)