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January 2012

{go make me} bejewelled flower headband / diy project

Flowers in the hair, how girly! You can increase your eostrogen levels too by making these jewel encrusted fabric flowers in minutes and glue to a headband for the latest look (see Fashion Designers below). It only takes a few scraps of fabric, glitzy buttons, glue, needle, thread and time and you've got the current look for a fraction of the price
Here's how
1} Gather some fabric scraps, preferably ones that don't fray (although I like it fraying too), felt, buttons and a headband. Cut six 60 mm (2.5") circles from fabric and two 30 mm (1.25") circles from felt 
2} Fold each circle in half, then fold sides in on itself
3, 4 & 5} Adhere to one felt circle with fabric glue or hot glue gun. Repeat with other cut circles, overlapping each 'petal' as you continue around filling the entire felt circle
4} With needle and thread, sew on button(s)
7} Glue another felt circle over stitches 
8} Glue to headband 


Who's got the look (l to r)
BHLND Del Sole Comb, Alannah Hill Hair AccessoriesChanel, Alannah Hill Hair Accessories, BHLND Marguerite Halo, Mignonne Handmade Pink Carnations Halo 


happy Australia Day 2012


January 26th marks the official national day of Australia, a day to commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet into Sydney Cove in 1788. On Australia Day there's always much celebratory action around the harbour, so we walked down to the Sydney foreshore to watch the Ferrython with home made meat pies and watermelon in our picnic basket. Afterwards the sun came out and we had a quick dip at Maccullum Pool (above), a heritage harbour pool in Cremorne Point that's tucked away beneath sandstone rocks and over-hanging trees with arguably the best view in the world. And better still it's quiet, clean, free and a gem that not many know about

chico hayasaki {illustrator}


Hearts-illustration-from-Chico-HayasakiThis week I'm loving Japanese born Chico Hayasaki's fresh, fashion savvy illustrations using line and watercolours

Just recently I discovered that she's turned her hand to fabric design (found via CWC International blog). A cool mix of retro, fashion and delicate prints printed on 100% Japanese cotton. They are produced by Kei's Fabrics of Japan and, unfortunately, I don't believe that they're available outside of Japan as yet

{go make me} valentine's day white chocolate heart cups with strawberry ice cream


Romance is in the air! I'm in the midst of creating a Valentine's Day e-book full of packaging and card designs to print out and romantic recipes (e-book coming soon) and I've hatched up a sweet treat that's a cinch to pre-prepare so you're not stuck in the kitchen on the day (and you can get on with your just to speak). Firstly, it had to be pink. I'm thinking Strawberry ice cream and pink fairy floss and secondly, it should be easy and thirdly, it should look and taste d e l e c t a b l e !


To make your Chocolate cup, melt 100g white chocolate in a small double boiler on a low heat and brush a thin chocolate coat to the inside of two heart silicone moulds. If you don't have hearts, use round silicone moulds instead. Place in fridge to set for at least 1/2 hour. Brush a second coat of chocolate on the inside of mould again to build up walls of cup. Repeat if necessary. Leave refrigerated until required. Carefully peel back mould from chocolate. Add a scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream (I used Maggie Beer Strawberries and Cream) and top with Subtle Rose Fairy Floss (Pariya brand is available in select delicatessen's if you live in Australia)


{go make me} lavender sachets diy


Do you remember these? They were big when I was a kid (umm, a long time ago). Lovely smelling lavender sachets that one placed into one's underwear drawer to keep one's undies smelling spiffy. I say, bring back the good old days and make some!

It's easy peasy. Simply cut out 10cm squares of fabric, sew around 3 sides of your sachet with a fancy machine stitch that rarely sees the light of day, fill with dried lavender, sew up the other edge and trim the edges with pinking shears. Tada....instant fresh smelling undies! Apparently it keeps the moths away too