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{Go Make Me} how to french braid a fringe


Sometimes a fringe (or bangs) can drive you to destraction or perhaps you want to change your look? Turn your fringe into a french braided headband that even a cyclone would be unable to dislodge or lovely and loose like these latest celebrity looks. It's easy, here's how:

1} Slightly wet hair for braiding. It does what it's told a little easier (most times). Make a part from ear to ear and bring front section forward. Tie up back section

2} For the look below, I've reversed the plait. Begin with three small strands of hair starting at one ear. Make a plait and braid a small section of hair into one of the strands. Repeat until all hair has been braided

3} Tie off with an elastic band and pin underneath back of hair. Phew, done

Alternatively, loosely separate hair at back into two. Twist hair and form little knots. Secure with frou-frou flowers


A big thanks to my daughter for modelling the french braid. I'll pay you in the morning