{go make me} fragrant Christmas pomander ornament
the sun is out and the flowers are blooming

have a ball at Laduree, collection Noel 2011


Iconic patissiere, Laduree of Paris, have just released their new Christmas collection. The 'Sensational Ball' (above) is understandablly the highlight (perfect in my eyes). Here's the description "Enter the Christmas dream with this sensational ball which transforms into a delicacy filled with a delicate chocolate sponge, a chestnut mousse and a pear cremeux". Oh man, if only they had a shop in Sydney

It's madatory to visit Laduree when travelling to Paris just to absorb the ambiance. We went to the Champs Elysees shop/restaurant and patiently waited an hour for a table at lunch. Partially disgruntled for the wait, we were blown away by the service and food. Of course we had to have dessert for afters!

What sweeties would you choose? Me, all of 'em