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when mangoes are just peachy

{go make me} stamped stone fridge magnets

Love-you-and-me-fridge-magnetsIf you're like me (memory like a sieve) there's always something important to remember or kid's artwork to admire and it ends up on the fridge door as a permanent temporary reminder

Why not have some fun by painting little stones (with magnets attached) to personalise your fridge? In reality, I should have little messages like "Don't Eat those Tim Tams" or "Don't Even Think About Eating Last Night's Lasagna" but the mantras would only fit on a boulder and could prove difficult attaching to the fridge door. So, stick to simplicity of a few letters per stone. Super easy to make and how-to instructions to follow

Little illustration is by Michele Maule



Stamped Stone Fridge Magnets

You will need
• Collect little flat (thinner the better) pebbles, stones or rocks
• Paintbrush and acrylic paints
• Stamps and stamp pad
• Book adhesive and scalpel or cutting knife (use this method if you don't have cofidence painting directly onto stone)
• Stong magnets
• Matt varnish  

1. Draw shape of stone onto book adhesive and then draw speech bubble to fit
2. Cut out speech bubble with a scalpel or cutting knife 
3. Stick mask over stone and paint
4. Stamp letter on top when dry 
5. Spray varnish to seal paint 
6. Attach magnets