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{go make me} fragrant Christmas pomander ornament



Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves...the smell of Christmas and the holiday season. Floral spices usually reserved for baking, why not scent the room with these fragrances permanently? To follow are easy instructions to make a clove-studded pomander using an orange or lemon. I've jazzed my version by adding a glamourous crystal (purchased from Ikea years ago) and ribbon to be hung on the tree or next to the window


Fragrant Christmas Pomander Ornament
1} Select a ribbon. Wrap a thick elastic band around orange or lemon and make slightly wider than ribbon width as the fruit will shrink when the internals dry. This area will not have any cloves

2} Poke holes into skin with a skewer or tooth pick. Insert cloves and cover the whole surface. Don't place cloves too closely together as you will need to allow room for shrinkage

3} Optionally, when all the surface has been filled, you can roll the pomander in cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice

4} Wait 2 weeks before the pomander is fully dry or cure in a very low oven and bake for approximately an hour

5} Wrap ribbon around middle and secure with a pin or bow. Add a glass crystal drop