interview with the editor of Kids' Crafternoon books, Kathreen Ricketson
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a rainy day project, making a cloud pillow

Cloud pillow in the sky

How easy is it really for your kid to make a project by themselves from the new Crafternoon Book? My daughter was totally enthralled with the all designs and was desperate to make a cloud pillow (by Claire Dollan) from the Sewing book. She's never embarked on such a big project and spent 2 hours drafting, cutting, sewing and stuffing a cloud made from an old scarf and spare cotton fabric

We broke open a new $50 sewing machine Christmas gift and spent 30 minutes cussing at the dreadful thing as it ate more fabric than it sewed. As you can imagine, it's found its way to the bin. So she ended up hand sewing the edges singing happily to herself. She struggled slightly with the gentle curves of the clouds but none-the-less is totally proud that she did it all herself