died and gone to heaven, part three {La Fougasse, Paris}
a taste of Champagne, Dormans in France

a snapshot of Paris



DSC_0013_2 - Version 2

DSC_0946 - Version 2

Parisien Butcher

Paris bikes

My thoughts of Paris are here in these photos. Not pictures of The Louvre or Notre Dame etc (although I love those too) but what I seek is the incidental, the colour and the texture. Hidden arcades, passage ways and seemingly secret thoroughfares off the bustling streets hold so many unknowns to new and exciting experiences. Loose yourself as you meander through the maze that is Paris and discover that you're on the other side of town. Some of the greatest treasures are found in the everyday routine, woven into the fabric that is Paris....

PS Deep philosophical thoughts found from the bottom of a Champagne bottle

PPS I would love to tell you where I shots these but I got lost