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{go make me} a simple tassel

How to make a tassle type

It's been an exciting time recently, working on projects in three upcoming Kid's Craft Books (out July '11). One particular project would have looked perfect with the addition of some simple little tassels but I rejected this idea as too expensive for readers to buy. Little did I know how easy they would be to make! Here's a tutorial on how to make very simple tassels...add them to your craft projects, use on gift wrapping, breathe new life into an old scarf or simply use for decoration



How to make tassels 1} Grab some wool, cord or twine, scrap cardboard and sewing scissors

Cut cardboard to desired length of tassel and two 20cm lengths of twine

2} Wrap twine around card, encasing one length of twine

3} Tie off. Cut ends to release from cardboard

4} Wrap second length around head of tassel. Tie and trim off ends. Trim uneven tassel ends

Too easy!