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{go make me} a simple pom-pom



How to make a pom pom type Pom-Pom-close As a kid I remember making hundreds of little fluffy pom poms using various wools, threads and yarns, then wrapping around  2 'donut' shapes cut from a Corn Flakes box.  Now that I'm all grown-up, there's quite a few reusable tools to make no-fail pom poms without the need to stuff your face full of Wheat Bix and other breakfast cereals

Of course you can buy whizz-bang tools like the Clover Pom Pom Maker (which I haven't used but looks great) or a Pom Pom Magic maker fork (below left) available from Spotlight for about $2. But I love the look of tiny, weeny pom poms...make these wee fluffs using the humble, domesticated fork (discovered via Eskimo Knits blog) for instant gratification

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