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new Autumn collection from Helen Kaminski Australia

heading to Paris in May


That's right....we're heading to the northern hemisphere from May to July for nearly 12 weeks! We're knocking down our little 2 bed, one bathroom (yep only one bathroom between three) cottage to build a much larger, contemporary house. Instead of paying rent in Sydney, why not go to Europe? So exciting

Madly trying to loose weight simply to put it on again as I'm planning to visit many French Patisseries and markets that time will allow. We've bought a few books for inspiration but I have to admit, I'm the type of person who hates to plan too much and am happy to follow my nose

I would love you to join us on our travels come May. Do you want to come too?

Here's some pics from Patisseries of Paris by The Little Bookroom to whet the appetitie:


Patrick Roger Chocolatier


Stohrer Patisserie


Boulangerie Bechu