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{Go Make Me} Easter bunny egg cozies


The mornings are beginning to cool here in Australia and my breakfast googy eggs are getting colder, faster. With Easter around the corner, keep your eggs toasty warm by making these wee Bunny Egg Cozies. Of course you can add a little scarf for the ultimate snuggly egg, but that would be going over-the-top now, wouldn't it?


For the scarf
Cast on 4 stitches using 4mm needles and 3 ply wool or ribbon. Knit until scarf reaches 24 cm

For the cozies
1} Download Easter Bunny Egg Cozie template (for personal use only)

2} Cut out pieces in felt

3) Glue inner ear to outer ear. Pin ears to one side of head, crossing over each other as shown

4} Hand or machine sew through all pieces. Turn inside out. Hand-sewn eyes and nose

Please note: I've designed the cozy to totally cover an egg (as per the template) to keep you googly egg warm. Optionally, trim it off as show below but I don't guarantee a toasty egg if the egg is a little short!