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delicious sweets from the Strawberry Thief Patisserie, Bowral NSW



Look at the sweeties we bought from the Strawberry Thief in Bowral (I just love the name). Resistance was futile. And can you believe they taste as delicious as they look? A Chocolate Tart with cherries and meringue, Baked Cheesecake with Apple and Toffee Crumble, Chocolate Ganache Tart and Vanilla Bean/Chocolate Mouse with a biscuit base. Beware, no licking the computer screen, it won't be pretty

Now off for run to rid the body of those extra calories......

or maybe a simple jog around the park......

or perhaps a waddle to the post box instead? I'm hopeless.....

I believe the patisserie is quite new, loaded with macarons, tarts and cakes and other treats. Make sure to pop in for a visit next time you're heading to the highlands

Strawberry Thief, 1A/310 Bong Bong Street, Bowral NSW 2578. (No website)